Sunday, July 1, 2012


This sem its not that busy sem as previous sem
but its better as i can focus on my trio more !!!
which is my pre-grad project !
still can't believe that I am a last year student ~
Many things happened in this sem especially...hmmm...
but glad that now it's over and I shall move on ^^ 

OK, So its July now !! 1st of july..
What am i doing in the month of June ?
Let me share with you ppl...

First, we celebrated dear Carmen's birthday
sweet gal and she major trumpet !
the only student that currently major TRUMPET in music faculty.
So gave her a surprise at Jaya One. 
hope it really surprised her hahaa

 3 girls ~ this is like the KL 38 gal instead of that penang 38 gal..

bought her the cupcakes from WonderMilk ~ 

Second, Concert Choir's concert 2012
last year we had one and this year as usual.
This choir really brought us a lot of memories though this year wasnt 
that smooth .
However, we had put quite some effort into this choir 
and for sure,there are some "Feelings" to it.
This will be my last Choir Concert and did really learn some stuff .

 with Emily gal ~ the always supportive and lovely gal ^^

 we are the siao lang !! They are awesome ppl ~

3rd, this is not in the month of June 
but i still wanna share ~
its KL JAZZ FEST 2012 !!
first time KL organized KL JAZZ FEST 
and its really worth it .
our seats were upgraded from bronze zone to GOLD ..hahaha 
because ...oopss
I only went for the 2nd day because HIROMI was in the HOUSE !!!
HIROMI always my idol .
always wanna watch her live performance and now my dream has come true ^^ 
we always watch her via YOUTUBE saja >.<
but now is L-I-V-E
her performance were really great and made ppl jaw drops..
the finale was Ahmad Jamal.
His music was quite hard to understand but i really respect him
as to play till that level is not EASY ~
not everyone understand and not everyone will like it.


 Hiromi is in the town !! open tune with the song VOICE !
the first chord she hit was OMG !!! 

 paid RM192 and got RM418 seats !!! hahahah !!

Last, our big boss 21st birthday party at Lavazza =)
Miss Gan's birthday 
thanks for the invitation and i guessed almost half of the UCSI ppl were thr d ..
kampung UCSI

 we are the same batch girls ^^ 

yes !! the tallest gal --> Gan, which is our BIG BOSS 
we are the alto girls ^^ 

 gong hei fat coi wor !! u wanna come for the concert ?? come support us *its over~*

 quite some time that we never sit down and talk together d 
i really appreciate the moment with u ppl =)

the so called "kampung UCSI" hahaha 
thanks girl for the invitation 

July, 1 more month to my trio ~
gosh...trio !! 
i really GG lah ...
just made a decision which was quite last minute and my master said 
i think too much .
However he still gave fully support to me and 
helped me a lot.
Even "someone" just offered me like this and said she is willing to help me >.< ...
i really appreciate 
Since they are so helpful, i guess i should really work harder and 
don disappoint them.

jia you !!!! 
i look upon the moon and stars at 11:07 AM
0 stars were shining bright even without the moon