Sunday, July 15, 2012


It's quite some time since we last met.
Knew this friend quite a long time ago.
crazy together, laugh together, waiting bus together.
seriously, i miss all the moments in secondary school.
*sounded like love , but jz a friend*

the moment you told me the secret, i know why she always cares about you so much.
and so do I .
helping you + take caring of you.
We know you are a sweet friend .

And now.....because some stuff, made you so emo 
and you started to "entertain" yrself with those ...
please do take care of your own health.
If you are not my true friend, i wouldn't care abt you and just leave you alone.
But we are...

We understand your situation.
Friends around you always care about you.
I would say even my family cares about you.
Parents sometimes also ask about you.

Well, I just hope you can overcome everything and be more optimistic!

i look upon the moon and stars at 12:52 AM
0 stars were shining bright even without the moon