Monday, July 30, 2012

surprise birthday celebration !

Whee..i got a early celebration this year ! hahaha 
thanks to my friends =) 
story starts...

Dear Roommate, Cecilia SMS me the night before that 
whether can i make it for dinner as she needs someone's accompaniment.
HAHAH! this is the 1st time she asked me 2 acc her..
of coz i sense something wrong to her..mayb she emo ? lol

and ta-da, this was what happened .
My dear friends bumped into my house and sang "happy birthday" to me.
i don't know what response to give as i just woke up 
with the always AUNTY LOOK! 
Thanks for the surprise, i really love you people a lot.
you guys have been helping me so much and being so great in my life !

thanks dears ~ you guys BrAvO !

with the girls =)       

 the guys ~ both are very jazz players !

 ok , my "just woke up" face..with dear carmen ~

 my roommate !! she is soo BrAvo ! HAHAHA 

Rabbit jie jie ~ thanks for the plan =)

you guys rock ! will never 4gt this awesome surprise celebration !
felt so warm and touched to know you guys ^^ 
lets add oil for the final week !!
*preparing for war..*
i look upon the moon and stars at 1:10 AM
0 stars were shining bright even without the moon