Saturday, August 11, 2012

1st of August - officially 21

I m officially 21 now ~ 
Thanks for everything ~ 
Thanks for my friends and family who gave me such a wonderful life~

Few days before that, dear Emily dated me for lunch and with few friends.
So as usual we go for Korean BBQ ! 
my favorite ! hahah XD 
When we finished our lunch , 1 by 1 became very busy with their PHONES ! hahaha  
And 2 person came in with the cake & presents. 
WAH....kinda shocked me !
Because I did not expect that much. 

The interesting part was the little wish book ! 
this book is seriously AWESOME !!! 
i never expect some of them will be inside the list ! hahaha 
It was really way too much for me >.<
Tears dropped when I started flip through the book. 
My friends are sooo amazing.
Some of the wishes are funny as well =) 
Really had a memorable one ! 
Thanks people , love you all so much ! 

Few days before my birthday, 
I decided to D.I.Y a bookmark for few friends.
I would like to call them "the Special 11".
These people have been helping me so much in KL ~
So it't just a small gift to thanks them =)

 The Special 11

 Korean BBQ

 With Gan  & Liang 

 Peiling & Emily 

 My BIG present ! hahaha 

 The wish book ! ahaha XD 

The 2 lovely girls, 1 is my uni best friend , another 1 is my ROOMMATE !!

Thanks people, I really had a blast 21 ! 
i look upon the moon and stars at 5:07 PM
0 stars were shining bright even without the moon