Friday, October 26, 2012

An experience

Finally, I managed to step out my first step and played with the 
so called "real world".
Thanks Dr.Rhythm for giving me an opportunity to play with them.
It was really a fun night though I'm trying my very best to enjoy!
as usual lah ..songs given on that day..or last min changes..
Well, it was quite "interesting".
and I realised how IMPORTANT IS ET4 >.<"
I played very safe throughout the whole show
and people keep on telling me that 
"you should play more".
Well, first time ......
It was my first ever gig ..and fortunately, 
it was in NERO FICO.
a very nice Italian Restaurant to hang out.
Had a memorable one and I won't forget that this is my first ever gig !

 thanks for their guidance ^^ they taught me a lot as well =)

After the Nero Fico's gig, 
got a 2nd Keyboardist job from my coursemate. 
This was really INTERESTING one ..
a lot of changes throughout the rehearsals even the REAL DAY !
but well, LESSON LEARNT ! 
Forget about the bad ones, I would say this is another fun gig as well ^^
Panasonic of empowerment..
saw many TALL models..really TALL..n PRETTY 
My 1st time playing with 18 ppl together =)
and my job is to cover up the whole orchestra (super stress) 
Mistakes has never fail to happen on me and
it always happen on the performance ! can i overcome this "problem" ?? 
Anyway, I appreciate the chances that has been given from others.

 the 18 piece band !! WOW !! 

On the same day, we had another quartet on stage >.<"
they wan JAZZ music somemore..
well...kantoi la saya @@ 
and must be ALL GIRLS...
hahaha ...went up there and tipu all the audience...seriously fail lah @@ 
and this is my first time playing with my buddy Rabbit >.< "" 
sooo exciting as well..hahaha 
glad to play with all the leng luis....

Finished my short semester...and now ..
start preparing for my own GRAD !!! 
good luck to myself 
i look upon the moon and stars at 11:40 PM
0 stars were shining bright even without the moon