Friday, October 26, 2012

An experience

Finally, I managed to step out my first step and played with the 
so called "real world".
Thanks Dr.Rhythm for giving me an opportunity to play with them.
It was really a fun night though I'm trying my very best to enjoy!
as usual lah ..songs given on that day..or last min changes..
Well, it was quite "interesting".
and I realised how IMPORTANT IS ET4 >.<"
I played very safe throughout the whole show
and people keep on telling me that 
"you should play more".
Well, first time ......
It was my first ever gig ..and fortunately, 
it was in NERO FICO.
a very nice Italian Restaurant to hang out.
Had a memorable one and I won't forget that this is my first ever gig !

 thanks for their guidance ^^ they taught me a lot as well =)

After the Nero Fico's gig, 
got a 2nd Keyboardist job from my coursemate. 
This was really INTERESTING one ..
a lot of changes throughout the rehearsals even the REAL DAY !
but well, LESSON LEARNT ! 
Forget about the bad ones, I would say this is another fun gig as well ^^
Panasonic of empowerment..
saw many TALL models..really TALL..n PRETTY 
My 1st time playing with 18 ppl together =)
and my job is to cover up the whole orchestra (super stress) 
Mistakes has never fail to happen on me and
it always happen on the performance ! can i overcome this "problem" ?? 
Anyway, I appreciate the chances that has been given from others.

 the 18 piece band !! WOW !! 

On the same day, we had another quartet on stage >.<"
they wan JAZZ music somemore..
well...kantoi la saya @@ 
and must be ALL GIRLS...
hahaha ...went up there and tipu all the audience...seriously fail lah @@ 
and this is my first time playing with my buddy Rabbit >.< "" 
sooo exciting as well..hahaha 
glad to play with all the leng luis....

Finished my short semester...and now ..
start preparing for my own GRAD !!! 
good luck to myself 
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Friday, September 14, 2012

Be good

I'm hoping everything is fine now
I shall observe .
force myself not to think too much~ 
I will take care and everything is gonna be fine =)
It never feels good and I don't wanna make them feel so worry for me ~
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Saturday, August 11, 2012

1st of August - officially 21

I m officially 21 now ~ 
Thanks for everything ~ 
Thanks for my friends and family who gave me such a wonderful life~

Few days before that, dear Emily dated me for lunch and with few friends.
So as usual we go for Korean BBQ ! 
my favorite ! hahah XD 
When we finished our lunch , 1 by 1 became very busy with their PHONES ! hahaha  
And 2 person came in with the cake & presents. 
WAH....kinda shocked me !
Because I did not expect that much. 

The interesting part was the little wish book ! 
this book is seriously AWESOME !!! 
i never expect some of them will be inside the list ! hahaha 
It was really way too much for me >.<
Tears dropped when I started flip through the book. 
My friends are sooo amazing.
Some of the wishes are funny as well =) 
Really had a memorable one ! 
Thanks people , love you all so much ! 

Few days before my birthday, 
I decided to D.I.Y a bookmark for few friends.
I would like to call them "the Special 11".
These people have been helping me so much in KL ~
So it't just a small gift to thanks them =)

 The Special 11

 Korean BBQ

 With Gan  & Liang 

 Peiling & Emily 

 My BIG present ! hahaha 

 The wish book ! ahaha XD 

The 2 lovely girls, 1 is my uni best friend , another 1 is my ROOMMATE !!

Thanks people, I really had a blast 21 ! 
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Monday, July 30, 2012

surprise birthday celebration !

Whee..i got a early celebration this year ! hahaha 
thanks to my friends =) 
story starts...

Dear Roommate, Cecilia SMS me the night before that 
whether can i make it for dinner as she needs someone's accompaniment.
HAHAH! this is the 1st time she asked me 2 acc her..
of coz i sense something wrong to her..mayb she emo ? lol

and ta-da, this was what happened .
My dear friends bumped into my house and sang "happy birthday" to me.
i don't know what response to give as i just woke up 
with the always AUNTY LOOK! 
Thanks for the surprise, i really love you people a lot.
you guys have been helping me so much and being so great in my life !

thanks dears ~ you guys BrAvO !

with the girls =)       

 the guys ~ both are very jazz players !

 ok , my "just woke up" face..with dear carmen ~

 my roommate !! she is soo BrAvo ! HAHAHA 

Rabbit jie jie ~ thanks for the plan =)

you guys rock ! will never 4gt this awesome surprise celebration !
felt so warm and touched to know you guys ^^ 
lets add oil for the final week !!
*preparing for war..*
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Sunday, July 15, 2012


It's quite some time since we last met.
Knew this friend quite a long time ago.
crazy together, laugh together, waiting bus together.
seriously, i miss all the moments in secondary school.
*sounded like love , but jz a friend*

the moment you told me the secret, i know why she always cares about you so much.
and so do I .
helping you + take caring of you.
We know you are a sweet friend .

And now.....because some stuff, made you so emo 
and you started to "entertain" yrself with those ...
please do take care of your own health.
If you are not my true friend, i wouldn't care abt you and just leave you alone.
But we are...

We understand your situation.
Friends around you always care about you.
I would say even my family cares about you.
Parents sometimes also ask about you.

Well, I just hope you can overcome everything and be more optimistic!

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012





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Sunday, July 1, 2012


This sem its not that busy sem as previous sem
but its better as i can focus on my trio more !!!
which is my pre-grad project !
still can't believe that I am a last year student ~
Many things happened in this sem especially...hmmm...
but glad that now it's over and I shall move on ^^ 

OK, So its July now !! 1st of july..
What am i doing in the month of June ?
Let me share with you ppl...

First, we celebrated dear Carmen's birthday
sweet gal and she major trumpet !
the only student that currently major TRUMPET in music faculty.
So gave her a surprise at Jaya One. 
hope it really surprised her hahaa

 3 girls ~ this is like the KL 38 gal instead of that penang 38 gal..

bought her the cupcakes from WonderMilk ~ 

Second, Concert Choir's concert 2012
last year we had one and this year as usual.
This choir really brought us a lot of memories though this year wasnt 
that smooth .
However, we had put quite some effort into this choir 
and for sure,there are some "Feelings" to it.
This will be my last Choir Concert and did really learn some stuff .

 with Emily gal ~ the always supportive and lovely gal ^^

 we are the siao lang !! They are awesome ppl ~

3rd, this is not in the month of June 
but i still wanna share ~
its KL JAZZ FEST 2012 !!
first time KL organized KL JAZZ FEST 
and its really worth it .
our seats were upgraded from bronze zone to GOLD ..hahaha 
because ...oopss
I only went for the 2nd day because HIROMI was in the HOUSE !!!
HIROMI always my idol .
always wanna watch her live performance and now my dream has come true ^^ 
we always watch her via YOUTUBE saja >.<
but now is L-I-V-E
her performance were really great and made ppl jaw drops..
the finale was Ahmad Jamal.
His music was quite hard to understand but i really respect him
as to play till that level is not EASY ~
not everyone understand and not everyone will like it.


 Hiromi is in the town !! open tune with the song VOICE !
the first chord she hit was OMG !!! 

 paid RM192 and got RM418 seats !!! hahahah !!

Last, our big boss 21st birthday party at Lavazza =)
Miss Gan's birthday 
thanks for the invitation and i guessed almost half of the UCSI ppl were thr d ..
kampung UCSI

 we are the same batch girls ^^ 

yes !! the tallest gal --> Gan, which is our BIG BOSS 
we are the alto girls ^^ 

 gong hei fat coi wor !! u wanna come for the concert ?? come support us *its over~*

 quite some time that we never sit down and talk together d 
i really appreciate the moment with u ppl =)

the so called "kampung UCSI" hahaha 
thanks girl for the invitation 

July, 1 more month to my trio ~
gosh...trio !! 
i really GG lah ...
just made a decision which was quite last minute and my master said 
i think too much .
However he still gave fully support to me and 
helped me a lot.
Even "someone" just offered me like this and said she is willing to help me >.< ...
i really appreciate 
Since they are so helpful, i guess i should really work harder and 
don disappoint them.

jia you !!!! 
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